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Phew! No more struggling with business writing!


Web pages…social media posts…white papers…emails…newsletters


Your search is over.


A successful web presence depends on clean, well-written copy. No doubt, if your business copy leaves much to be desired, this could be an unnecessary barrier to your greatest success.


Effective copy focuses on writing that truly speaks to your customers in a way that makes it very clear to them why they would benefit by hiring you.


Not because you use the latest gadget. Who cares? What does that mean for them?


Not because you have been in the business for x number of years. Why does that matter to them? You have to tell them.


Effective copy makes it a no-brainer for your customers to say yes to what you have for them. Effective copywriting makes it crystal clear to your website visitors why they will want to choose you. Copy that makes them think about why will make them click away.


I know…seems a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it? It’s true, though. We don’t have the kind of time we used to have. There are more and more demands on our time. It’s easier than ever to click away from a website or social media post that makes us work too hard to figure out what the message is all about.


Conversational Copywriting Connects with your Clients


There is a solution, though. It is a type of copywriting called conversational copywriting. It is a way of copywriting that engages people again. It’s about making connections. Connections build relationships. Relationships build trust and that’s when our readers are willing to say yes to what we have to offer.


Your words matter. Let me help you get your message across.


Contact me today for any copywriting needs: sue (at) copysoup dot com.


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